Vinatha is an Indian-born British artist based in London, England. Being immersed in two cultures has influenced all aspects of her life, including her creative side. This can be seen in her choice of colors and her layering of paint, which adds texture and makes her work unique and personal. She works with acrylic and mixed media, employing techniques such as impasto and sgraffito. Vinatha is passionate that her work should depict the beauty of the natural world and foster the desire to preserve it for future generations. She equates abstract art to a beautiful piece of music – eliciting emotions, memories, thoughts and feelings which is specific and personal and different for every individual.
Outside of art Vinatha is a practicing physician. She has a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and a Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP). Her work in the medical field involves gathering information from different sources and converging to a single diagnosis. Conversely, when painting Reddy starts from a central focus point and diverges outward to wherever her imagination takes her. This reversal process allows her to relieve the stressors of her demanding role and enter an imaginary world of her own making.
Vinatha has exhibited her artwork in several art fairs in London, Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2022 and at Agora Gallery, New York City. She was able to donate 57 of her paintings to raise money for a local charity in London, England to help people struggling financially during the Covid pandemic. Vinatha’s art work has been bought by art collectors in Europe, Asia and North America.

Artist Statement

I draw inspiration from the beauty I see on our amazing Planet Earth: the flora, the fauna, the colors and shapes of the natural environment. Having grown up in South India and lived half of my life in the UK, I depict subjects and use a chromatic range that express the complexity of my bicultural identity, enriched by my personal experience as a world traveler, physician, and woman. A holy ritual by the Ganges river, a rose garden, a muggy winter afternoon, or the wild flames of a fire exert equal fascination over me. I marvel at the wonders that surround me and let feelings of passion, gratitude, love or sadness filter through the canvas onto the eye of the beholder.

“The only thing for certain

Is nothing is for sure

Who knows about tomorrow

And what the fates have in store

So be still for a moment

Look and truly see

Beauty is all around us

To make us smile and set our minds free”​

Vinatha Reddy

18th July 2021

Royal Academy of Arts

My painting “Tragedy of the Amazon” has been selected for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2022 . Painting was sold on the first preview day. 

Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is choking our beautiful planet Earth.

Once our home is destroyed, we have no other home to go to.

My picture depicts the vibrant colours of the natural world contrasted with the bleakness of the area which we have destroyed.



    • Hogarth Club Chiswick, London. April – June 2024
    • Blue House Art Space Esher, Surrey March -April 2024


Past exhibitions:

    • Flux Exhibition 178 St James Piccadilly, London 7-10 December 2023
    • Trevesian International Art Exhibition
      “Little Treasures” Galleria De’ March Bologna, Italy 25 November – 6 December 2023
    • W4 Art Group Winter Art and Design Fair 17- 18 th November 2023
    • Borough of Ealing Art Trail 9 -10th and 16 -17th September 2023 11- 5pm.
    • Hogarth Health Club Chiswick, London April – June 2023,
    • Frontier Gallery Sheffield UK April – May 2023,
    • Hogarth Club Chiswick, London January – March 2023,
    • Placrylic Art Fair York, England November 2022,
    • Agora Gallery Chelsea, New York November 2022,
    • Sustainability Show Fair at Business Design Centre London represented by Placrylic October 2022,
    • Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Belgravia, London June – Aug 2022,
    • Parallax Art Fair Kensington June 2022,
    • Kidney Research UK auction April 2022,
    • Surrey Contemporary Art Fair London March 2022,
    • W4 Art Fair Chiswick London November 2021
    • Open studios – Borough of Ealing Art Trail BEAT Ealing, London September 2021,
    • Charity Garden Exhibition Ealing London September 2020.

Agora gallery Chelsea, New York

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